"Where do I sign? I could not have completed the job without the Wrenchwrack"
Tom Hummel, Heatcraft Inc., Grosse Pointe Mi.

"Every Plumbing and Heating technician should have the Wrenchwrack on their truck. I use it often and it works every time"
Dan O'Connell, Licenced Plumber, Advanced Plumbing, Warren Mi.

"Just the tool I've been looking for"
 Bill Caloia, Master Plumber, Caloia Plumbing , St. Clair Shores, Mi.

"The right tool for the job. The Wrenchwrack is a perfect fit"
Blair "Mr. Hardware" Gilbert , Gilberts Hardware, St. Clair Shores, Mi.

"Finally a quality tool I can't break"
 Jim Casey, Casey Plumbing St. Clair Shores, Mi.

"The Wrenchwrack is a must have tool out in the field. All the Quality Plumbers are using the Wrenchwrack"
Paul Frost, Sr. Plumbing Inspector, Southfield Mi

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